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Sat Jun 20, 2020 9:43 am

Hi to all!

This is my first time using netonix switches. I bought some WS-12-250-dc, il there a video or schema on how to proceed to hook them to de battery bank?
Reading the notice that can with the switch made me scare to use it!!! There's not a lot of documentation on how to use them or hook them.

I mean, best practices, witch cable to hook first, positive/negative, where do i put the inline fuse?

I also bought minn kota battery charger like sirhc recommend in this post, (
I have 2 12v 110AH enerwatt agm battery.

I plan to put the switch on to of the elevator, at 100feet up, so i think i will use 2/12 soow cable to connect the switch. there will be max 150watt of load.
how should i do the ground connection? i was thinking to install a ground rod and hook it to the elevator and ground the switch to the elevator too. is this correct?

Where i can download the user guide for this switch?

Thanks in advance to all of you that will help me!!


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