Any way to identify switches that need PSU CAP work done?

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Any way to identify switches that need PSU CAP work done?

Wed May 20, 2020 4:38 am

A while back, I went into these awesome forums and got information about some switches having bad CAPs in the PSU for some models. One issue we had with our switch in question was a boot loop that would start slow, then progressively reboot faster and faster until we were locked out. This would occur if we rebooted all APs on the switch at once, and we resorted to rebooting APs one by one during FW or maintenance work windows.

My question is if there exists a way to check switches for work that needs to be done. I know a lot of our switches need FW work done (oldest I caught was 1.3.9. Scary, I know) but as far as grounding MODs or PSU CAP work, is there any way for us to check specific MACs, SN, Board revisions, etc to identify which switches need to be sent in for physical work? I've compiled a list of Site/Switch Model with FW version and board revision for each one if someone wants to look at it.

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