802.3 BT draft V.2 compatible?

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802.3 BT draft V.2 compatible?

Mon May 18, 2020 12:18 pm

I have a customer utilizing a Netonix switch in an A/V project. they are needing to power a Pananosic UE-150 camera on the Netonix and are concerned about its compatibility. As are we. This is the response from Panasonic we recieved:

The spec for our cameras is
ieee802.3bt draft v.2 standard. This standard is 71 W to 90 W at 1.6 A. The power injectors that we recommend are the Geovision GV-PA901 or equivalent. I have linked this product here.
The switch that I have tested is this one.

Now i know that Netonix can provide this on their units depending on model, but outside of it being passive PoE, will this work and not cause any damage? The reason we've not abandoned this idea due to the above information, is the switch is critical to every other aspect as well and so cannot be easily replaced at this time. If we can get more information on the above info, it would greatly help us out. Thank you in advance.

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