RMA procedure (out of warranty)

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RMA procedure (out of warranty)

Mon May 18, 2020 9:36 am

What is the RMA procedure for Wisp switches.
We bougt a handfull of these through several suppliers in Europe 2-3 years ago and now have a couple of units on the shelf with issues.
Since we have no more record of who supplied these, and some of the suppliers don't do 'Netonix' anymore I am thinking of possibly sending units back to the US for repair...
But it depends a bit on the costs of repair and shipping (up and down). Could work out buying new is almost same costs.....

I have one WS-12-250-DC with Fan failure. Replaced the fan from another unit that 100% works, but nothing. The failing fan in another board works... (swapped them with a WS-8-150-DC board). Seems to me something on the motherboard of the WS-12-250-DC fails..... I have two more of these units in the field so would use this one as a spare...

I have one WS-8-150-DC that has port 1 no more data but only PoE out. And it has port 2 only 100Mbps, no Gb.

I have one WS-8-250-AC that has a failing fan. Need to replace this unit but is still running with an external fan while arranging a replacement. (This WS-8-250-AC is not available nowhere! Can only find a WS-8-150-AC. What happened, 250W was too much?)
Seems I have to go and use one WS-8-150-DC that I still have unused to swap it with. Meaning running new wires, batteries & charger etc... pfff)

Please tell me if repair options exist and what pricing will be.....


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Re: RMA procedure (out of warranty)

Fri May 22, 2020 12:19 am

as of right now, its pretty hard even for us in the United States to get a RMA. maybe after the pandemic it will come back to normal.

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