48vDC PSU for 6-MINI with UPS battery function

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48vDC PSU for 6-MINI with UPS battery function

Mon Aug 06, 2018 4:59 am

We have deployed quite a few of the WS-250 DC series switches. We buy a 24vdc power supply with integrated charger. The output of the PSU is the battery float but because the switch has the DC-DC in it, all outputs are regulated.

I have some smaller sites where we are going to install 48v kit (EG Mimosa B24) and want a neat solution for this.

I have just ordered a 6-MINI for testing, I see it has 24vdc regulated output for POE and the 48v is actually the input passed through, which at the price point is fair enough, so I need to ensure the input is regulated and close to 48v.

I am looking at this unit AD-155C Meanwell 48V 155W DC UPS be interested in opinions, it seems you can adjust the CH1 main output 48 ~ 58V but unsure if this also alters the CH2 battery output as well.

Has anyone got a neat solution to provide a regulated 48vdc input to the 6-MINI while providing a battery float voltage that is higher at the same time?



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