Warranty voided stickers are illegal under Federal Law

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Re: Warranty voided stickers are illegal under Federal Law

Sat Aug 11, 2018 8:48 am

Charlie wrote:I have 3 or 4 saved up which I am going to send back for a paid repair because it looks like they are only simple repairs which we will happily pay for, but shipping from australia to the USA is quite expensive so I want to send a few at once.

A lot of people outside the US ship RMAs via postal mail.

I am headed into the office to work on RMAs today, as I do every Saturday. I still see the majority of damage to switches as being GROUND CURRENT.

I keep telling people the following BASIC rules:
1) Add additional new ground rods to and existing electrical service ground rods and bond together.

2) Bond electrical service ground rods to tower ground rods with heavy #2 wire.

3) If your electrical service ground rods are not bonded to tower ground rods due to distance then just use the HOT and NEUTRAL do not bring the ground from the service instead use the tower ground for your receptacle in the box. BUt still add the new ground rods to the electrical service. As seen in picture below.

99% of all WISP equipment damage is from ground current (I own a WISP)

Here are some good posts on grounding:
http://forum.netonix.com/viewtopic.php? ... 279#p19279
http://forum.netonix.com/viewtopic.php? ... =30#p13447
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