Feature Request - Full 8 port DC switch

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Feature Request - Full 8 port DC switch

Thu Oct 03, 2019 2:55 pm

Please come out with a "full" 8 port DC switch. Such as the WS-8-150-AC, but with a DC input. The current 8 port DC switch is in actuallity only a 6 port switch. (plus 2 Sfp ports). Really need a full 8 port usage in that smaller chassis. Should be easy enough to replace the AC socket on the front of the unit with a DC connector, remove the AC power supply and connect the DC input to the board.

thanks :thumbsup:

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Re: Feature Request - Full 8 port DC switch

Wed Feb 12, 2020 10:04 pm

Yea - what gives? Why not call the WS-8-150-DC a WS-6-150-DC-SFP-2 or something? Or have 8 ports that are DC? As opposed to just the 6?

All of the other models indicate the number of DC ports - like the WS-12-250-DC - it is: "12 Port Manged POE Switch + 2 SFP Uplink Ports" - So really a 14 port switch...

So, plus 1 on that from me.

Having said that these do rock! - Looking forward to SFP + port(s) too - for big up-links.


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Re: Feature Request - Full 8 port DC switch

Thu Feb 13, 2020 10:18 am

They used to make one called a WS-8-250-DC (we have some of them). IIRC, that had a larger chassis like the WS-12-xxx-xx switches.

The product line was slimmed down a while back and the WS-8-250-DC was one of the products dropped. At some point there are only so many products a company can make and my guess is the dropping was based on what was selling best.

The WS-8-150-DC as it is works well for our circumstance where we need the SFP ports... if they stopped making it or changed it we'd just have to eat the extra cost of the WS-12-250-DC because space isn't usually at a premium for us...
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