WISP Switch / Radios dying when disconnecting cables

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WISP Switch / Radios dying when disconnecting cables

Wed Jul 10, 2019 1:12 am

Hi All,
We run over 100 WISP switches throughout our WISP and have consistently (unfortunately) have issues when disconnecting horizon cables from the switches.
Our radios and switches, as well as surge suppressors are earthed, we always make sure to turn the PoE off before plugging/unplugging radios, and yet we still seem to blow switches and radios.
Recent issue was today. Powered down an SIAE AlfoPlus 15Ghz radio from the switch GUI. Waiting 5 minutes. As soon as we disconnected the cable from the radio the switch died. No ports giving out power, and switch bank B completely down, no link lights at all.

We are happy with the flexibility of the WISP Switch family although are getting extremely frustrated with their reliability, especially after spending $100,000.00 on the product.

Has anyone else experienced these issues or recommend a solution?

We typically use:

Radios include AC products from the UBNT family
DragonWave Horizon Plus
SIAE Alfo PLus
Powered usually via Eltek power systems
Khan McDonald
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Cirrus Communications Pty Ltd

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Re: WISP Switch / Radios dying when disconnecting cables

Wed Jul 10, 2019 10:44 am

No idea what is going on as I am not there to see your installations, however ground current is the most common cause of damaged units we see in RMA.

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