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Support Infrastructure

Thu Dec 13, 2018 6:25 pm

- Ticketing system.
- A phone number to reach Netonix Support.

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Re: Support Infrastructure

Fri Dec 14, 2018 12:17 am

A Ticketing system maybe in the future if we grow a bit more.

Phone tech support is only offered if we deem it on a case by case basis.

UBNT did not offer phone tech support (I think they do now) for the first 8+ years they existed at which point they were selling 700+ MILLION a year in sales and valued at over $5 BILLION DOLLARS.

We sell $5 MILLION a year and have an internal staff of less than 10 most of which are assembly, shipping, and so on.

We simply can not offer phone tech support to thousands of people from 40+ different countries with such a small staff.

Hell I cannot even get people to take the time to do a search of the forums for questions that may have already been answered just imagine if we had a phone number why would people even bother to look on the forums or try and solve issues that are not even related to us.

Consider the fact that about 90% of the question even asked on the forums relate to things that are industry standard IEEE stuff that we should not even have to help people with such as LACP, RSTP, and so on considering we do not manufacturer consumer electronics but rather communications switches designed for people who should be IT professionals by trade?

I think we do a pretty good job of answering questions on the forums in a reasonable time frame most times.

I constantly get people who click on the Contact us link and ask "How do I RAM a switch?" when there is a link in the footer of our web site just below the Contact us link called RMA procedure.

So I could only imagine how my day would go if 10,000+ people from 40+ countries had a number to call and instead of doing a bit of reading.

But do not expect Phone Tech Support any time soon. I am a WISP as well and I have never had to call Phone tech support for my WISP equipment other than a couple times way back when with some Ligo Wave / SAF links and that was mostly because of issue not really Tech Support related. I did have to call Cisco but that was for licensing issues as you pay for their firmware upgrades.

I have also had to call MicroSoft but that was on the IT consulting side and you had to have a credit card and pay for every call.

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