Critical Voltage Alert in Addition to Warning Voltage

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Critical Voltage Alert in Addition to Warning Voltage

Tue Jul 03, 2018 5:50 pm

Hey, if you're looking for relatively easy features to add that could be useful...this would be one for our company. On the DC switches we set the Warning Voltage alert on the Power tab to 13.0 volts. A battery charger keeps the battery around 13.2+ volts as long as the AC power is on. If an AC outage occurs, the voltage will drop quickly to 12.7 volts (and then gradually decline), and we get an alert letting us know that the AC has likely gone out - all helpful info!

In our area short AC outages are not uncommon and sometimes we forget to check if the AC has come back on. A second warning level - maybe called Critical Voltage - would be helpful for a second alert - we could set it at say 11 volts to let us know we need to get a generator to the site, or a replacement battery.

All this assumes 12 volt batteries, but the same could be done of course for 24 volt systems or others.

Thanks, Leighton

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