Time for a NetPoint, NetBox Pro, whatever...

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Time for a NetPoint, NetBox Pro, whatever...

Tue Jun 12, 2018 12:25 pm

It's time for outdoor DC wisp switches.


A nice aluminum body with a heatsink-style design.

Powerbox Pro

These are all great concepts but they all miss something.

Powerbox Pro-
one voltage (input volts passed through), only 4 PoE outputs. Too Small
like Powerbox Pro except one extra port.
single voltage 54V, can power 24v BUT 54v means a change to most battery kits. 7 powered ports is the bare minimum...
same as R8 without the just-enough port count.

12 powered ports is *just-right for many wISPs
DC-DC converter allows for existing power designs to be used, HUGE plus
2 SFP is *perfect* for connecting to router of choice in a router-on-a-stick design with a lag group.
console port... These are underutilized. I've been building Particle.io boards with a serial level converter and a cell connection to plug in which lets me work on these "no matter what" happens to the data links.

A netonix branded resettable breaker with a form-fit connector for the screw posts.

Do the exact same thing with the WS-12-DC but make an accessory that is a DC-DC supply... like you cut a WS-12-250-DC into 2 parts, ws-12-DC and '250'...

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