Multi SFP Switch

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Re: Multi SFP Switch

Fri Nov 30, 2018 11:54 am

+1 bump for this. We have immediate need for an SFP+ replacement to the WS-12-250-AC and 400-AC. I would love to see 4port SFP cage models as well for our non-wisp needs.

To the guy that said there are other switch brands out there with these capabilities, yes there are. But not anywhere near the same price point, or smaller sizes that are needed for mounting at the top of towers. There is a big difference in the size of box needed to house a 9"x7" switch vs 17"x15" switch.
A bit more wind load to consider.

And also, we just like the Netonix switches! There is a lot to be said about being able to stick with one vendor for all our switching needs. It makes keeping spares easier, and we have a backup system in place that would have to be completely reworked for a different switch brand. So yes, there ARE needs for more switches even though there are vendor other options out there.

Chris, you've got my email please let me know when these are available for order! Thanks,

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Re: Multi SFP Switch

Wed Apr 03, 2019 3:28 pm

I just saw this thread, and I know its old, but hey, why not?
We have been doing more fiber than ever, both in towers, and in the municipal work were doing. We are often connecting dark fiber for small cities in outdoor traffic cabinets. We could use a multi-port (4 or 8?) SFP switch with POE copper as well, that can manage the harsh temp extremes that Netonix does. anything we have found is at least double the price if not triple. So you got my vote of support for more fiber cages.

Thanks for the great products...


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Re: Multi SFP Switch

Wed Apr 03, 2019 4:09 pm

Even if it would be nice to have a single provider, the're several cheap multi SFP solution (Ubnt, Mikrotik. TP-Link, etc). I doubt netonix would invest so much money in a niche market. Chris as writen several time on this forum on ROI for every new product but maybe one day.

An other thing to think of is that ISP doing both fiber and WISP need an other brand of device anyway, by exemple for PON network. Current netonix could be feed via a PON network with a SFP PON stick. Since all SFP ports device are more core oriented, I doubt it would be that much usefull for ISP network without more L3 and/or encapsulations (MPLS, VxLAN, TRILL, MACinMAC, etc.) features.

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