Outdoor Mini with SFP port

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Outdoor Mini with SFP port

Mon Oct 02, 2023 6:55 pm

Personally I would like to see a mini with an SFP port on it, so we can feed it on longer runs. Right now we have a few towers where we have a F-POE-G2 from ubnt, but the issue is if the ethernet side drops to less than a gig, the link will go down. It won't do 100Mbps when the fibre is up at 1G... Having a mini powered both by either ethernet 48V or a dedicated 48V option would be nice because then we could place it up the tower for lengths of more than 300ft, but put the data on a fibre. Most gear I have seen the issue is not the power on longer than 300ft, its usually the data that's the issue. Some microwave gear we use say we can even use their gear up to 700ft powering it with 48V, but that's still way beyond what ethernet will do. Just making the point though that a switch should still be able to be powered beyond 300ft, still more reliably than trying to get data in that distance.
But sometimes too another good case for this as well is when you are getting interference on the ethernet side, having them as short as possible would be good as well. We have some towers where we have tried things like ferrites chokes, shielded cable... but still the ethernet is only coming up at 100Mbps, from interference, so putting the switch as close to the gear and then feeding it with fibre would help I think.

Either way having something that can be mounted on the tower in a weather tight case with SFP is what is needed in some of our cases.

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