Outdoor Mini with SFP port

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Outdoor Mini with SFP port

Mon Oct 02, 2023 6:55 pm

Personally I would like to see a mini with an SFP port on it, so we can feed it on longer runs. Right now we have a few towers where we have a F-POE-G2 from ubnt, but the issue is if the ethernet side drops to less than a gig, the link will go down. It won't do 100Mbps when the fibre is up at 1G... Having a mini powered both by either ethernet 48V or a dedicated 48V option would be nice because then we could place it up the tower for lengths of more than 300ft, but put the data on a fibre. Most gear I have seen the issue is not the power on longer than 300ft, its usually the data that's the issue. Some microwave gear we use say we can even use their gear up to 700ft powering it with 48V, but that's still way beyond what ethernet will do. Just making the point though that a switch should still be able to be powered beyond 300ft, still more reliably than trying to get data in that distance.
But sometimes too another good case for this as well is when you are getting interference on the ethernet side, having them as short as possible would be good as well. We have some towers where we have tried things like ferrites chokes, shielded cable... but still the ethernet is only coming up at 100Mbps, from interference, so putting the switch as close to the gear and then feeding it with fibre would help I think.

Either way having something that can be mounted on the tower in a weather tight case with SFP is what is needed in some of our cases.

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Re: Outdoor Mini with SFP port

Sat Jan 06, 2024 2:18 pm

I agree :agree: with what your looking for, I am also looking for something similar to this.

I would like to see..

A passive PoE injector with a single SFP port, or a Passive PoE switch with an SFP port.

Running lots of copper is getting way to expensive, I have equipment at 400ft, I'm stuck at the 328ft barrier. I also have 6 radios on this tower (I have backup system also) I have a Ubiquiti EP6 @220ft to help break that 328ft barrier, I also have 110v power at 220ft. I run fiber down from the EP6 to the shelter, but the EP6 is an issue, I don't know why, but its slowing down my data. I have tested a single Rocket 5ac Lite with a single customer 5ghz 40meg channel, perfect link (-60 -60), somewhere around 220-240mbps link, and can only get up to 75mbps to the internet (Router is a Edgerouter 4) the EP6 is directly connected to the ER4. If I remove this AP from the EP6 and connect it directly to the Ubiquiti NanoSwitch (Passive PoE) directly connected to the ER4, I can reach speeds up to 130mbps (Traffic Shaping is being used, maxed at 130mbps).

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Re: Outdoor Mini with SFP port

Sun Jan 07, 2024 10:46 am

We are working on a NEW mini

It would have an SFP+ port and 2.5G copper ports for 60-70 GHz clusters

This time we would make our own box for it instead of using others box.

And an upgraded WS3 with 2.5G copper

We are also trying to add a feature that monitors AC current floating through your switch and up your copper to the tower.

This will allow you to monitor and graph this current which will let you know when you need to work on grounding before damage occurs.
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