MPPT Solar controller

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MPPT Solar controller

Sat Feb 20, 2021 4:15 am

I need an MPPT solar controller, which connects to the serial comm port of the DC150/DC250 switch, and makes its statistics avaliable via SNMP on the switch, and is programmable via the switch web gui.

10amp and
30amp models for 12/24/48v battery banks.

Or a serial port gateway device for other netonix products such as
- RS232? or RS485? converter for epever solar controllers, whatever the common solar controller interface is
- Cabinet fan controller and temperature gauges
- Cabinet alarm
- Mains 110v/240v multiplier switch board for switching mains powered devices on and off
- DC multiplier switch board for switching DC powered devices on and off
With these modules not using copper ethernet ports - they either connect direct to the serial port, or via a serial port controller device.
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