Small Outdoor Switch with Battery

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Small Outdoor Switch with Battery

Tue Jul 28, 2020 1:12 am

Think "UBNT Nanoswitch" a very basic outdoor 4 port or so switch that can take POE in 24/48 POE out the other ports (Passive is fine) with some very basic management, VLAN, ping, basic SNMP nothing much. If it could have a battery out so you could put a small 12v lithium battery in the enclosure for UPS style POE backup that would ROCK. Could be used in the WISP industry CCTV, etc etc.
Nothing out there like it at all right now and I know WISPs would love it to keep internet up (VOIP, cameras etc) during a power outage for customers. Mikrotik tried but failed with no reporting on if the unit was on battery or not. I build my own units like this for around $99 from amazon parts and a small Mikrotik unit with an arduino for voltage and monitoring control. I know it can be manufactured cost effectively.

Also taking 4 pair POE in would be nice as well to get rid of the 1A limitation. Say 2A in with 4pair and 2 pair out 1a per port limit would absolutely ROCK.

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Re: Small Outdoor Switch with Battery

Mon Sep 07, 2020 3:21 am

To be honest, I'm more or less happy with the WISP switches. What I'd really like is a ruggedised one (12 port DC is the most common) that could go straight on a pole or into a cheap battery box.

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