Wisp Switch with power relay connectors

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Re: Wisp Switch with power relay connectors

Fri May 18, 2018 6:34 pm

Can you make an 8 port 150 watt version too with only copper ports?

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Re: Wisp Switch with power relay connectors

Wed May 15, 2019 9:55 am

I am putting this in 2 threads as it covers 2 of them.

Good day,

Here is a suggestion. ports that are PoE only. i.e. They do not connect, data wise, to the switch. There would be a powered PoE port and a data port with all 4 power types. The logic of the Netonix would only be able to apply power and monitor power. The Netonix would not be data aware on those 2 ports as there would no connection to the switch. This allows for a connection to a backhaul radio that needs to connect to a router first and then to a switch for distribution. 2 ports would give a in and out or a upstream and a down stream. Sure maybe 4 of these on a 24 port switch and 2 on a 12 port.

As to the separate DC terminals, there really is no need for the power to come from the power supply inside the Netonix. If a separate power could be externally applied to a small power buss of the Netonix then that same 48VDC (or whatever voltage) can be separate and all the DC terminals could use a simple DPST 10A relay could be used. I would think on these ports keep them isolated so that -48VDC or +48VDC or +12VDC, +24VDC could be use and its transparent to the Netonix as it is only a power pass through with monitoring and a relay. It keeps it versatile without creating multiple models. The only slightly odd part is your current shunts have to pass current either way. This would give a + or - current direction, however I don't think that would be a hard one to deal with. I would think the same count as above, maybe 4 of these on a 24 port switch and 2 on a 12 port.

Your thoughts please

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