Adding second WS-12-250-DC to a tower

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Adding second WS-12-250-DC to a tower

Fri Oct 18, 2019 3:31 pm

Hey guys

I have a 12-250-DC at one of my towers, I was going to add a MINI for more ports, however I decided to plan ahead and use another 12-250-DC.

What is the preferred way to bridge the 2 switches.

Right now I have fiber from the office (CCR1009 SFP) to the tower 1st Netonix (via SFP) and the AP's plugged in to the copper ports. Since I need more copper ports I figured I would just use second SFP port on the 1st Netonix to bridge to the 1st SFP on the 2nd Netonix.

Is this suitable, any certain SFP adapters to use or can I just use a DAC cable? If DAC what is proven to work well with the Netonix?

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