ws-26-dc input range

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ws-26-dc input range

Mon Sep 30, 2019 8:32 pm

I see the range for WS-26-DC is 37-54VDC on the datasheet, which is the same as the WS-6-MINI.

I have an application where I need to power a POE switch from existing Alpha FMPS 48V UPSes (basically two strings of 12V 7.2Ah SLAs with a UPS/charger, Verizon uses them for FTTx), which output a nominal 55VDC (42-58V range).

Am I stuck with the physically much larger WS-26-400/500 units? (which will never deliver more than 150W, given the limitations of the power source) Concerned that things will be fine at "48V" until some type of infrequent self-test or charging event or surge potentially delivers 58V...

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