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Radius Options?

Posted: Fri Aug 30, 2019 2:44 pm
by cbl
From past threads, I thought it was planned to include the IP of the device making the request as the Calling-Station-ID?
I get this:
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 Calling-Station-Id = "Switch_Hostname<10>"

I'd be better if we can include the IP instead of the hostname, I'd think?

I was hoping there'd be some way to easily identify netonix radius requests. Maybe another attribute we can pass in on the auth-request?

Also, what about forcing radius authentication unless radius server is not reachable? That way, the local user/pass is only used in the event that radius is not reachable. I'd like to force everybody to use their own logins for audit purposes.. but some will probably keep trying to use the local "admin" user/pass until I make it so they cant. APC devices have three options for auth access, dunno if something like this would be useful as a drop-down:
1- Local Only
2- RADIUS, then Local
3- RADIUS Only