DC leak between input volatge and eth on WS-26-400-IDC

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DC leak between input volatge and eth on WS-26-400-IDC

Wed Oct 24, 2018 3:41 am

Hi All,

Is it possible to get a complete circuit between the Ethernet on a WS-26-400-IDC
and in the input DC circuit? I know that it shouldn't but I have an odd circumstance where my TPDIN Monitor is connected to the Netonix switch with PoE turned off on that port and a DC shunt connected to the Monitor in addition to the Ethernet, if I unplug the Eth cable the monitor turns off, if I disable the port on the switch the monitor stays on, if I disconnect the shunt the monitor turns off. I even tried removing the monitor from the DIN rail to be sure it was not completing the circuit Via the chassis somehow. This leads me to believe that it is completing the circuit through the switch / shunt ports but maybe I am missing something? It is a -48v solar site which is why it is the IDC variant and the shunt is on the negative line. Switch firmware is 1.5. I have also queried the Tycon power guys to see if they can explain how it could be happening but maybe someone here has seen something similar?


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