frustrating supply chain

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frustrating supply chain

Mon Feb 05, 2024 11:32 am

Dear Netonix team,

sell Netonix switches via our online shops and lately see that quite some customers in Europe are running around to get material.

I wrote several emails to your team, but did not get any reply:

We would need:
20x WS8-15-AC
2x WS26-400AC
10x WS12-250-AC
5x RMK-250
2x PS250-DC

Before sending these customers to buy alternative material, I wanted to ask you if you do not get my emails or if there is anything else wrong on the netonix side.

I also see other clients here complain about not receiving support emails.

+49 177 5369568 (whatsapp)

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Re: frustrating supply chain

Tue Feb 20, 2024 2:18 pm

All the units you want are available on our site.

I do know we are low on WS-8-150-AC and wont get more until fall Aug/Sept. There was a pent up demand for them and we blew through thousands of them faster than we expected.

But all other models are in stock and will be so for awhile.
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