Moving to BGP, need infrastructure Guidance

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Moving to BGP, need infrastructure Guidance

Tue Jan 09, 2018 12:55 pm

HI Folks,
Last month we received our second fiber line from another ISP. We are now ISP'd (if that's a acronym). We have received our AS number from ARIN and paid our fee. I am waiting to buy an IPV4 block from auction until I have the BGP design down.

I have been in talked with a few guru's on the BGP side. Our goal is to use the fiber capacity (200mbps/ISP) from each ISP rather than failover style.

I am wondering what others here are using for this type of deployment.

recommended design is as such- with cross connect between switch 1 and switch 2.

ISP1 modem -----Switch 1 ------- Router 1------Inside Switch 1---------wireless AP’s
ISP2 modem------Switch 2--------Router 2------ Inside Switch 1--------Wireless AP’s

if this works and is a generally accepted design, what type of switch should I use for Switch 1 and Switch 2. We already have CCR1009 routers for Router 1 and Router 2 and Netonix WS-12-250AC for the Inside Switch.

Thanks for any help you can give.

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Re: Moving to BGP, need infrastructure Guidance

Tue Jan 09, 2018 9:02 pm

Switch 1 and 2 can be whatever you want but
1 - why would you want a switch between the ISP demarcation device and your router ?
2 - if, you really want switch, why not use the same switch as "inside" switch and use a different VLAN for ISP side ?

Edit: I would connect both router to both ISP with each a BGP session and use AS number prepending to control by subnet which ISP have priority by subnet. ISP have normally a lot less upload than download, so upload all traffic via a single ISP, with the other as a backup, is normally not a problem. In this scenario, you would need a switch between the router and the ISP demarcation device since you want 2 router to connect to each ISP. Again, the internal router can be use with a different VLAN from iinternal network.

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