Sector Shield Kit Cross Compatibility - maybe ?

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Sector Shield Kit Cross Compatibility - maybe ?

Thu Jun 04, 2015 9:21 am

I'm sure this is a dumb question but I'm going to ask anyway.. :)

My local RF Armor distributors only have the RF-Armor 120 Degree Large Sector Kit for AM-5G19 / AM-2G15 in stock and I am wondering if this kit would fit any of the following sectors?

AC 21dBi 60 Degree Sector [AM-5AC21-60 5Ghz] or the
AC 22dBi 45 Degree Sector [AM-5AC22-45 5Ghz] or the
Titanium Variable Beam 60-120 Degree [AM-V5G-Ti]

I am intending to use Rocket AC PtMP's with the chosen sectors... Actually now while I am asking would any one recommend the Titanium sector over the AC ones? I've read some posts over on teh UBNT forums with conflicting opinions..

Thanks in advance for any input...

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Re: Sector Shield Kit Cross Compatibility - maybe ?

Thu Jun 04, 2015 10:14 am

First to answer if the kits designed to fit one antenna will fit another, NO. If that was the case why would I have so many flavors.

Physically the 120 degree sector kits will fit the 90 and vise versa but DO NOT DO THIS. They are tuned for the designed sector, mix matching them could produce weird multi-path issues.

Personally I do not like the Titanium sectors are they are variable sectors which there was nothing I could do to clean up the 6dB drop off on the outer edges. With the legacy 90 and 120 degree sectors once you put the shield kits on the drop off on the outer edges is around 3dB instead of 6 dB, Many people have commented on this over on the UBNT Forums. With the Titanium all you get is primarily shielding to quiet down noise around the radio as many people opted to use legacy Rockets with the new sectors as the Titanium Rockets had a high failure rate which is another story.

The AC sectors pretty much have the shield kit built in. Funny how 5 years ago their idea to combat co-location noise was GPS sync but now they have switched to shielding.....funny how that works out.

For the AC sectors I made a box that fits on the back in case you are using Legacy Rockets or even the new AC Rockets which do have some internal RF Shielding but you still benefit from the Box (Part # UACSB)

Plus the Radio and Jumpers are not inside a protective metal case.

If you want/need a narrow beam sector which will give you higher gain then use the AC Sector but if you want 90 or 120 sectors I would use the Legacy Sectors with a shield kit and the use the Rocket I want.
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