MIMOSA Repair Service

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MIMOSA Repair Service

Wed Jan 31, 2018 12:12 pm

WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING ANY MORE RMAs for AF / X / 5 / 24 / 24HD / MIMOSA / MikroTik

So here is the deal.

If your going to throw it away anyway why not send it to us to take a look, your risk is the cost of shipping.

We are starting a repair service for airFIBER 5 / 24 / 24HD radios.
We are starting a repair service for airFIBER X radios.
We are starting a repair service for MIMOSA radios.

AF5X radios "may" not be economical to repair as they are much cheaper and maybe considered disposable? Sometimes they are easy to fix sometimes they cost more to fix than is worthwhile. We will quote you the repair fee once we determine the damage.
MIMOSA "Lite" radios are also not repairable.

If your out of country you can remove the AF24 boards and RMA just the board which is very economical to ship to use and back.

We will document to you what we find and if it can be repaired and how much the repair cost will be.

If the unit is deemed unrepairable and you wish us to ship it back return shipping is at your expense.

The repair service will be handled via RF Armor and not Netonix.

So if you wish to send it to us to look at and possibly repair please feel free.

Fill out the Form below and email to chris@rfarmor.com and I will send you an RMA # back.

WARNING: Our repair service is not authorized by Ubiquiti (R) or MIMOSA (R) so we will violate any warranty claim you have once we open and repair your unit.

Address 1:
Address 2:
Address 3:
Postal Code:
Just the board (yes or no):
Symptoms and events around failure:

Please do not send back any power cords or louse items.
Make sure to package the unit not to get damaged in shipping as you will get the same unit back, we prefer the original box.
Your radio will be evaluated to determine if it can be repaired.
If we can repair the unit we will do so and give you the cost. You can either purchase the repair or abandon the unit in which case we will fix and sell the unit to recover our costs.
If the unit is deemed unrepairable and you want it back you are responsible for return shipping or you can abandon it and it becomes a part donor for other repairs giving meaning to its death.

Ship to:
RF Armor
154 Earland Drive
Building 5C
New Holland, PA 17557
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