Versions Changelog

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Versions Changelog

Mon Aug 17, 2015 9:55 am

iWiSp v0.97 RC


New features:
1) CRM: Add Change Package option in edit service page
2) New Feature: Added SSL certification creation and support , from now on you can access the
application ONLY via https://
3) UI: Added support for long SSID names
4) New:Database Backup Refactoring (database backups via Download or FTP are now much less in size)

1) Fix: Mikrotik Memory in DB introduced in 0.95
2) Change: Default DataTable size from 5 to 15
3) Fix: Improved storage for AP stations stats
4) Change: Device Firmware upgrade to comply with https:// change

To install or update on ubuntu server 16.04.2 (only) run the following commands in cli

Code: Select all
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
 -O iwisp.deb
sudo dpkg -i iwisp.deb; sudo apt-get -y install -f

iWiSp v0.95 RC


New features:
1) New UI: Added Scrolling to Device Groups
2) New Feature: Add options in existing select lists
3) UI: Refactoring Log system
4) UI: Merged the Backup and FTP Settings
5) Monitoring: Added Log functionality for Devices Add and Remove
6) UI: Added Interactivity to keep visible the appropriate tabs and fields when switching the product type (product or service)
7) UI: Added ability to have linkable log entries
8) New Feature: Added Temperature Mode in settings
9) New Feature: Added IP query field in smart search
10) UI: Refactored the add addon operation in order to prevent from adding to product the same addon over and over again
11) New: Refactoring the module architecture
Refactoring the Add Product section to support interactive module settings
Creating the FreeRadius module according to the new module specs
12) UI: Changed Paging functionality in device list data tables
13) New Feature: Manage changing types in add/edit addon forms
14) New Feature: Completed front-end order form:
Added checks in order to prevent adding the same product/service over and over again
Auto calculation applies at real time on every change (add/remove/modify quantity)
Added quantity feature on addons list in order to add any addon multiple times
On removing product, also remove the related addons
Various Bug Fixes in functinality
Improvements in page layout
15) New Feature: Refactoring of Order Controller in order to support:
Two types of products/services and addons gathering prices from plans or fixed values
Quantities in hardware products
16) New Feature: UI Pagination
17) New Feature: Show Group Button only in Map and Device Controllers
18) New Feature: Clients Contacts (initial support)
19) New Feature: FreeRadius module
20) New Feature: Initial Map layers with grouping functionality added
21) Core: Added Support for Ioncube 7
22) New Feature: Added WLAN0 & LAN0 MAC addresses on device info page
23) Core: support for Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS and php7
24) UI: Changed Radio Button Colors
25) New: CRM - Added the option to have multiple contacts per Client
26) UI: Added the possibility to check device connectivity and credentials on every device edit page
27) Core: Optimization - Reduced Workers number for better stats handling on large installations
28) Core: Optimization - Stats Polling cleanup code for speed improvement

1) Fix: Map issues when Tower was in list for placement on the map.
2) CHANGE: desktop notifications per minute
3) Fix: EdgeOS Charts broked on last update
4) Removed: Update check from Dashboard
5) UI fix: Added Option to add any parameter on an empty list
6) UI: Reverting Upgrade option in Device list for rework - optimization
7) UI: Improved UBNT Firmware Names handle
8) Fix: Raised SSH connection timeout for compatibility issues
9) Fix Dashboard Widget:
10) Fix: Optimized Connected to AP Devices queries
11) UI: Refactoring to improve speed in getting many devices list
12) Fix: Old UBNT F/W (5.510 etc) stats collection
13) Fix: wrong ping times reported in devices health page
14) UI: Top Bar Online devices number precision
15) Fix: Fixed a bug to keep multiple module settings in product's assigned module
16) Fix: Fixed date and timepicker in product order form
17) Fix: Wrong CPU values on dashboard System info widget
18) Fix: Session Expiration Fix
19) Fix: Missing Chain0/1 in M devices Fix
20) Fix: auto logout after session expiration
21) CRM - Fix: Clients contacts now clear when client gets deleted
Installation - Info Boxes completed in installation wizard.
22) Fix: Device List - Fix ToughSwitch remain column
23) Fix: Nasty Installation bug preventing full SQL installation
24) Fix: Installation Issue with giving default value in MySQL Username preventing form submission
25) Fix: URLs and paths for installations behind NAT now work properly

iWiSp v0.90 RC


New features:
1) New UI: Added different map icons for Access Points and Stations on maps
2) New UI: Added Legent for icons in device info maps
3) UI: Charts Rework to reduce white space (70%)
4) UI: Compressed Output for faster user experience
5) Monitoring: Added Chain0/1 Monitoring for ubntAC
6) UI: Added icons in ubntAC device info page
7) UI: Added Delete Device button in device edit page
8) New Feature: Added Actions in device list tables
9) Security Fix: Updated PHPmailer to address security issue CVE-2016-10033
10) UI: Added Tickets Summary in tickets info page
11) UI: Updated System information Tab in Settings - > application
12) UI: Add Sidebar Ticket Badges
13) New Feature: Device list upgrade functionality
14) New Feature: Tickets Closed Date and Time
15) New Feature: CRM Invoices Summary in Invoice list page
16) New Dashboard Widget: System Info Gauges
17) New Feature: Tools Activity Log
18) New Dashboard Widget: Latest Activity Log
19) UI: Dashboard widgets UI improvement (4 places to place a widget top, left, right, bottom) top and bottom are full width left and right half width
20) New Feature: Smart Global Search
21) Core: CI Upgrade to 3.1.3
22) New Feature: Chrome Extension App
23) New Feature: mass devices states management
24) UI: Topbar now shows Devices in Maintenance state
25) New: Filter notifications based on device states
26) UI: New Installer UI

1) Client area - Fix Chart values for bandwidth consumption
2) Client area - Minor Visual fixes in Invoice preview
3) Fix: Mikrotik & Netonix stats not collecting (introduced in 0.81)
4) Fix: EdgeOS device table refresh button was not working properly
5) UI fix: Device info Map Modals visual improvement
6) UI: Fix visual issues on Dashboard Widget reorder - move
7) UI: Small visual fix System information Tab in Settings - > application
8) Fix: Reply on Closed Tickets disabled
9) Fix Dashboard Widget: re-arrange issue
10) UI: Show reboot device icon in device list only if device is online
11) UI: Added Edit button link in actions
12) Fix: Device Images Management
13) UI: Fix ToughSwitch F/W display
14) UI: Beautify ToughSwitch & UBNTac Sidebars

iWiSp v0.81 RC


New features:
1) UI: Add Charts in View for Netonix DC switches ( Input Voltage, Input Current, Efficiency)
2) Ubiquiti Monitoring: Added Function to pull GPS coords from devices ( Ubiquity )
3) UI: Map Clear filter functionality
4) UI:Elevation Chart beautify.
5) Notifications: Notification Page drop down menu Visual Improvements
6) UI: Settings Tabs Styling update
7) New Feature Form Validation in Add Device Modal For IP, and for missing values such Username and Password
8) Upgrade CORE CI to 3.1.1
9) Completed Work on Generic Devices Adoption , Now we take note discovery devices MAC, Device Type & Device Name
10) UI: Browser Push Notifications Initial implementation
11) Groups Full Rework
12) New Feature - Device State - You can now define the state of any device to Production, Maintenance, Pre-production, Ignored
13) New Feature - EdgeOS initial monitoring support

1) UI: Error 404 page Styling
2) Fix wrong percentage shown in mass adoption devices procedure.
3) Fix Mass add device easypiechart not reset to 0% on every new adoption unless refresh page.
4) Fix sidebar Menu listing issue.
5) Fixed Ubiquiti Firmware display.
6) Fix - remove datatable refresh animation
7) UI: Fix more Modals (Style)
8) Fix Wrong Values in bandwidth size (TB instead of GB) in Devices charts
9) Fix wrong typo TSL instead of TLS in SMTP mail server Encryption
10) Fix counting devices in Towers shown in Groups SideBar
11) Fix for bug report
12) Fix Firmware update Issue mentioned here
13) Visual Fixes in connected device Modal, added link to device connected fixed wrong channel bandwidth display, repair device info map for AC devices no showing connected device and link.
14) Minor bug fix in create order tpl
15) Fix Device Tables re-ordering minor issue

iWiSp v0.80 RC


New features:
1) UI: Added Option on Modals to move on screen.
2) UI: Modal Cosmetic improovment.
3) Monitoring: NEW feature Generic devices monitoring. From now on you can add any network device and you will be able to monitor health status by ping.
4) Monitoring: Add the option to manually modify latitude longitude in device edit page.
5) UI: Added Generic Device Side panel infos & Charts.
6) UI: Upgrade Charting library to newest version.
7) UI: Update jQuery to 2.2.4 from 2.1.1.
8) UI: Added Option to download - export all charts in multiple formats.
9) UI: Calendar & Task management is now complete and has full functionality.
10) UI: Add Tasks Widget in Dashboard.
11) Notifications: Group notifications, from now on there will be no seperate email per device notification but it will be one that will include a list of notification events occurred.
12) Add M and AC station device counters in AC PTMP device list.
13) Add station device list in AC PTMP Access point info page.
14) Added nowrap at device list tables for streamline view.
15) Initial FreeRadius Module Work.
16) UI: Device Notifications Log added in device health page.
17) NETONIX Monitoring: Add the option to monitor Battery stats on Netonix DC models.
18) Mikrotik Monitoring: Add the option to monitor VPN traffic on Mikrotik Interfaces.

1) User was able to be created without entering an email.
2) Hide Pagination on Generic Devices DataTable if ther are no more than one page.
3) Removed Python deprecated Link.
4) Visual Changes in License Tab.
5) Improve icons for Offline devices Widget in dashboard.
6) Fix Email Template Custom variables drop down menu removed by mistake in 0.79RC release.
7) Improve Notifications Data handling.
8) Fix AC device map in info page not showing connected devices.
9) Fix DateTime picker in device edit page not showing correctly.
10) Fixed missing modulations in AC devices in device list.
11) Repair Modules Activation - Deactivation for product and services.
12) Devices config backups management & replace hash # from links.
13) Fix AC device map in info page not showing connected devices.
14) Fix AC device map sidebar not showing images.
15) Deb installer Dependency Fixes.
16) Client portal cosmetic improovment and minor fixes.
17) Fix for wrong linked devices on map in some rare occasions.

iWiSp v0.79 RC


New features:
1) Bootstrap UI: We upgraded to the latest Bootstrap UI v3.3.6.
2) Calendar (Alpha): We continue the work on the calendar and Task management feature. More to come soon.
3) Charts: Changed the way to view charts in large size. You can use the two icons on each Chart when hover on the table to popup and re size or display in full screen.
4) CRM - Invoicing: New Feature Include Payment Slip with pdf invoice. You can enable this feature in billing settings.
5) APP - UI: Added Session Timeout Modal to refresh upcoming session timeout or else redirect to login page.

1) UI: Fixed a sorting issue in Notification Table.
2) UI: Now data tables are not showing the paging if the data can be displayed in one page.
3) Backup: Fixed an issue preventing the backup if the size was more than a value.
4) UI: Fixed a IP not showing in modal popup if user selects Adopt Now from Discovered Devices in Dashboard.
5) OS: Fix for latest upgrades on dependancies in OS.

iWiSp v0.78 RC


New features:
1) AirFiber info: AirFiber Signal can now be seen in device list page for easy and fast info.
2) Tickets: You can create a ticket for a client but classify it as Internal or public. Client will be able to see ONLY public tickets.
3) Notifications: We added two new fields in Notification list. Status (if read or not and by what user) and Reason that trigered that notification (authentication, Downtime, Uptime etc.)
4) Notifications: Notification Archives implemented. You can now move to archive old notifications and view archived ones.
5) New Feature - Calendar:
We introduce a new feature with this version Calendar. It is released in ALPHA version so we are open for suggestions.
You can create Task categories, New Tasks that can be assigned to a User. More info and functionality on Calendar will come in future updates.
Expect some early alpha issues on this part and if found then please report here in forums.
6) UBNT AC: You can now see DHCP leases in device info page.

1) UBNT DHCP leases: Fixed an issue where you need to try more than once to DHCP leases to appear. Now this function is more robust.
2) Charts: Some charts didnt expand as expected.

iWiSp v0.72 RC

New features:
1) MAP : Devices info boxes new design with much more information about the device and the connected ones.
2) MAP : Tower info box new design. More responsive with big number of devices on it
3) NOTIFICATIONS: New notification type - Get notified when a device's credentials are wrong
4) TOWER INFO : More detailed devices table

1) iwisp services will not hang anymore and restart on their own after rebooting or losing mysql - network connections.
2) Minor UI fixes

iWiSp v0.71 RC

New features:
1) Option to ignore-hide already managed devices after discovery.
2) Map controls were also added to each device page.
3) In the devices list page you can now reorder the tables. ( More to come here )
4) Clear all notifications now remove the notifications instead of simply marking them as seen
5) You can now change the organization of a role. Attention will still be able to view roles that belong to the children of organization you are in.
6) There is now a Groups Sidebar on the right of the menu. Simply Use the top button "Groups" to open it.
7) Added support for Airmax devices with firwmare 5.5.10-u1

1) Invoice Logo and Client Portal Logo now upload correctly
2) In the discovery page the fields for the missing adopt were missing.
3) IP/CIDR discovery fixed
4) Fixed a bug where adding devices to a tower would result in pointing all of your devices to that tower.
5) Adding devices to a client returns you back to the page and the Devices Tab
6) Under groups, first rules value were not being recognized also the save conditions button was missing
7) Heartbeats seem to be missed regularly, possible fixed with this version
8) On the Test Email modal some titles and fields were wrong.
9) Delete of an active organization or user not possible
10) Adding a company as a client will no further result in fields "First Name" and "Last Name" being required.
11) Fixed an issue where the client's dashboard would appear completely blank.

iWiSp v0.70 RC

New features and Fixes

1). Significant update on the cron and the way stats are collected. The system will now become a lot more responsive and
the resources of the system will be used more properly.
What this means is that stats are still going to be collected every minute BUT in case of a way too big number of devices the difference between each stat for each device may increase a bit.

2). Application no longer require the IP and path application you previously had to input.

3). You can now add your own Countries, States and Cities and edit the old ones.

4). Search bar above the left menu for quick search in the menu.

5). Various fixes across the application for device charts and other small details.

iWiSp v0.60 RC

New features and Fixes

Various bug fixes and improvements through the application.

1) The huge thing about this update is the UI. First of all we changed the template and move to a much more clean one.
You will also see notifications for most of the functions available in the app ( Top Right Corner ).

The old one is not available any more since we moved to a different template system. One that you can now edit and change if you like since the files are not encoded. More information on that to come.


1) The "Device Live Page" is deprecated for now.
2) Notification change status to seen not working properly.
3) Ticket links on the left sidebar not working.

iWiSp v0.50 RC

New features and Fixes

As we mentioned in the past update we did a huge rework on the way we pull stats and handle the monitoring of the devices.
By doing so we are now able to increase the amount of devices to be monitored by a great amount which would not be possible with the
previous method.
You should notice a big change in your server speed but the applications functionality. For example, using the discovery will now take
approximately 1 second per 255 IPs.
1.) We are dropping support for HTTPS monitoring for the below devices:
Ubnt Airmax Devices
UubntAC Devices
You can now monitor those devices using only SSH. HTTPS is still enable and possible for any Bitlomat devices.
2.) We removed the monitoring modules function and made it much smarter and possible to auto-detect the best module available
for the devices version. So from now on upon the first or second stat collected the devices should be appointed to the correct module
automatically. The cron settings page still exists but will be removed on a later on version. Left it online for some debugging and various settings like SSH connections timeout for the devices.
You won't have to do anything to transition to this. Give it 1-2 minutes for the cron to run at least 2 times and then if you are facing any issues please do contact us.
We want to make it as straight forward as possible and easy to add and support devices.
3.) Discovery Tool
As we mentioned above the discovery tool got an upgrade. Feel free to try it out as long as you have setup the python path correctly and installed all the dependencies.
4.) Auto Discovery
We moved the interface from the Application Settings to the Discovery Tool Page.
Click the Auto Discover button at the top to bring forward the list of your networks. You can now set a specific timer ( every 15, 30 minutes etc etc) for each network range you'd like to run. Auto device adoption is in the future plans. Newly discovered devices from the cron run will appear in the main dashboard.
5.) In the Application Settings you will find a couple of new fields.
i.) Python Path -> Like we mentioned above if there is no suggestion in the box please run "which python" at a terminal and fill in this field.
ii.) If this is set correctly in the System Information you should see the Python: Python is installed and this seems ok field with a check, if not that means maybe the path is set wrong or your apache server does not have the right to run

Code: Select all
 exec commands

Make sure to run the "Check Python Compatibility" and "Run Cronjob Now" functions and wait for an output. For anything strange on these two please do report back to us.
iii.) Google Elevation API -> * You can get an API here ... tion/intro
This API will open a new feature in the device's page ( UBNT-UBNTAC-AIRFIBER) showing an elevation chart between two connected devices.
6.) In the device's page map you may now see a link between the device and the ones that it is connected to similar to the Global map
with the link color indicating the signal strength.
7.) Airfiber
Airfiber got a new chart. Head over to it's page to see a chart about Tx Capacity and Rx Capacity.
8.) Backup and restore works on all browsers.
Head over to Application Settings and Backup - Restore tab to download a copy of your database.
9.) Products
Product's page got a rework. New way to add price plans and edit them.

iWiSp v0.39 RC

New features and Fixes

1. NEW - FEATURE - TICKETS: Introducing tickets on this version. New menu on the client area with the option to open up a ticket to a specific department. ( See departments below ).
2. NEW - FEATURE - DEPARTMENTS: For now the only use for departments is for the tickets to which department to be sent to. More to come on this.
3. NEW - FEATURE - TRANSACTION LOGS: Much like the service logs, transaction logs are now kept for each transaction made.
4. NEW - MODULE : We introduce our first payment module which is for Paypal. Paypal gateway is only at the client area side ( available for clients ). Please do make sure to go to your modules and update the Paypal Settings with the appropriate information for your PayPal account. We strongly advice you to try the sandbox option first.
5. NEW - FEATURE - CRM: Clients now have a unique account number ( 8 digit number which is generated automatically ). We made sure to generate new account numbers for existing clients.
6. FIX - FEATURE - TOWERS: You can now add some more information for the towers, such as Backhaul Technology and AP Technology on the tower. VIsit the Tower Info page or Edit page to see more fields.
7. NEW - DASHBOARD - WIDGETS : Added 4 extra widgets on the admin's side dashboard with information concerning the CRM.
8. FIX - MAP: Devices got a new popup with more information on the device. Click on any marker on the map to get information about the device such as SIgnal and Lan speed.
9. FIX - DISCOVERY: FIxed a bug on the discovery tool showing devices as managed none the less.
10. FIX - CLIENTAREA: Fixed a bug where the scrolling was not working correctly in the page making it unavailable to scroll down.

iWiSp v0.38 RC

New features and Fixes

1. NEW - FEATURE - CRM : CRM Log file. Actions and events are starting to get logged. Services events are logged for now only.
2. NEW - FEATURE - CRM : Prorata billing now works properly calculating the price based on the Billing Cycle.
3. NEW - FEATURE - CRM : Multiple Currencies support
4. NEW - FEATURE - CRM : Multiple Taxes Suuport ( Based on the Country - State of the client )
5. NEW - FEATURE - APP : New Dashboard Modules (Offline devices, Tower Status, Newly Added Devices, Recently Discovered Devices)
6. NEW - FEATURE - APP : Application Backup Options (FTP)
7. NEW - FEATURE - APP : Auto Discovery -> You can now create network ranges that the cronjob will be looking in for UBNT devices.
You can create new network ranges in the Cron Settings page on the Various tab. Also make sure to set a timer for it to go off in the application settings. Say every 1hour etc etc. Those devices will then show up on your dashboard.
7. FIX - FEATURE - APP: Discovery Full Rework. You should now notice an increase in the speed of the discovery tool as well as more accurate results.
8. FIX - UI - Mikrotik: Voltage Meter is now calculated properly.
9. FIX - UI - Towers: Fixed an issue when viewing in lower resolution screen.
10.FIX - FEATURE - Towers: Image upload size is now 10mb for tower images.
11.NEW - FEATURE - Towers: You can now clear all your devices from the tower
12. NEW - MANUFACTURER - Bitlomat: You can now monitor any Bitlomat device. The amount of collected data will increase in future updates.
13. FIX - UI - APP: Removed each individual search box for each manufacturer in the devices list page and added 1 general for all your devices at the top right of the page.
14. NEW - FEATURE - CLIENT PORTAL: The client portal login will be the default landing page ( different template ) so to login in the monitoring backend after the update you will need to use /manage. To access the client portal you can visit /clientarea.
More features to come to this area.

PS: Recommended RAM for the auto discovery is 4 GB.

iWiSp v0.37 RC

New features and Fixes

1. MODULES: In our latest patch we introduced modules. We will start moving functionality to modules one step at a time to test the waters. Modules will make everything easier to maintain but also separate and support different services and API's.
In this patch after the update you will find some Modules already installed. Deactivation of those is removed from this version.

i. Products Manual Module
ii. Airmax 6 and above
iii. Airmax 5.5
iv. UBNTAC 8

Please after the update go to Cron Settings on the menu, and set to your the appropriate modules depending on your device firmware version. Later on we'll implement an auto suggestion upon adding the device based on the firmware.
So for all your Airmax Devices with firmware ABOVE v6 set the Airmax 6 module as collecting stats module.
Set the Airmax 5.5 to all others.
Same goes for UBNTAC, firmware above v8 to UBNTAC 8 and to all others the UBNTAC 7.

2.NEW FEATURE - TOWER PAGE: Towers now have their own page. You can upload photos to each tower, leave notes. Also you may now add some extra information for the tower like Contact name, email, phone etc.
3.NEW FEATURE - CONTRACTS: We introduce contracts. For now this feature is only available for towers. You can create a contract based on a tower and upload a file for it in case you have a contract with someone.
4.NEW FEATURE - SMTP SERVERS: In order to support various sending emails for each type of email you want to send out but also multiple smtp servers you will now find the option to add an SMTP server. Make sure you hit the test button after you add it to make sure the info you have entered is correct. ( Removed the fields in the application settings about the email settings ).
Also please do know that you have to assign an SMTP server to each email template you create.
5.NEW FEATURE - INVOICE LOGO: Feel free to upload your own logo to the billing settings for use in the invoice.
6.NEW FEATURE - INVOICE: You can now set the form that the invoices you'd like to have. Say starting with INV from #1 and keep at it.
7. REWORK - PRODUCT AUTOMATION : Few things changed here too. Emails and Automation tabs are now one. You may select a different email to be sent for each action related to the product. You will see the option to send a reminder for an account termination at various dates before the termination occurs. Separate those with a "," comma.
8. FIX - MAP: Fixed an issue with the map causing an error and leading to no action available.
9. FIX - HEALTH PAGE: Fixed an issue as well causing some users to have blank charts.
10. NEW MODULE - IREDMAIL : You can create a product or addon and assign it the iRedMail module for provisioning. Once you have setup the module with the correct settings for your iredmail server it will automatically create-suspend accounts on your server too.

iWiSp v0.36 RC

New features and Fixes

1. NEW- FEATURE - CRM: New client field added ( VAT ). Custom fields for clients are in the roadmap.

2. FIX - REWORK - CRM -> Products
Products are getting a big rework. We introduce a new type of product "Internet". If you select a product to be "Internet" type you will then see another 2 fields in the price plans. Download and upload speed.
Now we understand that as WISP you will need to create further Internet Plans in the future so we changed the way price plans work.
Each price plan will have its own settings ( Download - Upload) as well its own billing cycles. So you can have a more general product called Internet and give the speeds you would like according to the plan you choose.

Also products can now have Addons. You can create those addons separately from their own menu under CRM.
To give you an idea an Addon could be a Static IP address that you would like to assign to a client. Addons have their own price plans
as well as automation settings and email templates.
Assign addons to products in the product tab you will find at the creation page.

After this update we ask that you delete your products and create them from scratch. We are sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused.

3. NEW FEATURE - APP -> Modules
In this patch we introduce Modules. For now modules will be able to be assigned to each product OR addon. Those will handle the provisioning of this product's service ( Creating account, suspending etc functions) by connecting via API to a specific server.
More info to come on modules as we move forward with their development.

4. FIX - FEATURE - CRM -> Orders
The new order page changed to match the changes we mentioned above for the products and addons.
New page contains more details on the product and addons while trying to complete the order.

5.FIX - FEATURE - APP -> Few more images were added to support more manufacturing models.

6.FIX - FEATURE - AIRFIBER -> Added support for Airfiber via SSH. We recommend SSH as your main collecting stats method. Interface stats are now being collected so you can now see Traffic and Throughput. Reboot button now works correctly and the "eth0" interface speed is displayed correctly ( There was a bug displaying as 10Mbps no matter what ). We got our hands on an Airfiber 5X so expect more charts and info to come in later updates.

Don't forget to assign the appropriate permissions to your users for the new created functionalities.

iWiSp v0.35 RC

New features and Fixes

1. FIX - FEATURE - APP: Trying to update with the new method we introduced last time won't work correctly due to ZIP encoding issues. Should now work fine after this version.
2. NEW - FEATURE - UBNTAC: Added support for AC devices with the latest firmware ( 8 + ).
3. NEW - FEATURE - CRM : Towers - Introducing Towers. You can now create towers. Add devices to your Towers and group up your devices. Further functionality will come on this but we are open to ideas on it. ( You will need the appropriate permissions after the update).
4. REWORK - FEATURE - MAP: The devices Map got a rework. You will now find a standalone link in your menu for it. See your devices and towers on the Map with markers according to device's type as well as connection lines with color based on the signal strength.
( Same coloring-method used in the devices tables ). More filters to come.
5. FIX - FEATURE - APP: Product Name for older devices missing. Product names should be updated now for all devices properly.
6. FIX - FEATURE - APP: Users - The Add User button did not work. Modal should now be displayed upon click.
7. FIX - FEATURE - APP: Register - Register function has been disabled for now. We see no reason for someone to register from the outside. We could introduce register again from outside but requiring approval from an Administrator of the system.

iWiSp v0.34 RC

New features and Fixes

1. NEW - FEATURE - CRM : Client files -> You can upload files based on user and store them in your application for further use such as contracts, agreements etc.
2. NEW - FEATURE - APP: Email Templates -> Create your own custom email templates and assign them to your desired event.
You will see that the editors from the email settings have been moved to their own editing page and replace with an option to select the desired template. ( You will need to assign new permissions for this feature to be accessible. New variables are also now available, such as client and invoice information.
3. NEW - FEATURE - CRM: Product Email Automations - > Assign different email templates per product for its various events such as "Account Created" if it is a service or "Account Suspended".
4. NEW - FEATURE - UI: Mass delete - Change Status concerning CRM's functionality. Orders, Clients, Products, Invoices etc etc. You will notice new "Options" button above their table.
5. NEW - FEATURE - APP: We wanted to make the update function more straight forward and as easy as possible.
Therefor in the update tab you will now see an option to upload a zip file and update the application. This is pretty much
the same as downloading and extracting the files in the app folder except you don't have to login to FTP's etc.
6. NEW - FEATURE - APP: Get notified about important news concerning the app straight from your dashboard and stay up to date with iWisp News and Announcements.
7. FIX - FEATURE - APP: There was a bug concerning the stats and how they were calculated in the previous version which is now fixed.
8. FIX - FEATURE - APP: Email -> Up until now you could not choose an encryption method to connect to your SMTP server. You will now see an option for "TLS" and "SSL" connection method. Please do keep in mind each encryption uses its own desired port.

iWiSp v0.33 RC

New features and Fixes

1. NEW - FEATURE - CRM : You can now add transactions to the system per client.
2. NEW - FEATURE - CRM : You can now add the services that you offer to your clients with the option for billing cycles.
3. NEW - FEATURE - CRM : Invoices will now be generated automaticaly based on the billing cycle of the product and it's automation settings.
4. NEW - FEATURE - CRM : Activation of a client's service is been triggered by cron after the payment of the invoice.
5. NEW - FEATURE - CRM : Invoices can be downloaded as PDFs.
6. NEW - FEATURE - CRM : You can specify Automation tasks periods and times for each product.
7. FIX - FEATURE - APP: Disk space calculation was correct althoug the alert color was not being applied correctly.
8. FIX - FEATURE - Airmax: FIxed an issue where Airmax devices with HTTPS option for stats was not being collected.
9. FIX - FEATURE - Charts: When swithcing from HTTPS to SSH for a device's collection method and backwards some interfaces were left blank in the device's info page.
10. FIX - FEATURE - Charts: VLAN interfaces are now supported within the charts.

iWiSp v0.32 RC

New features and Fixes

You will find some basic functions for now concerning the CRM.
Clients, Products which are divided to products and services, Orders as well as Invoices.
Do notice that this is still in alpha version and needs further testing but more functionality to be added to it.
We are waiting for your feedback on this one on how we can improve it or for ways we can "connect" it with the monitoring application.

More features and Fixes List
1. NEW - FEATURE - UBNT: View your devices statistics live through the live device's page.
2. NEW - FEATURE - APP : Non stop ping - You can run non stop pings to your devices for more immediate downtime alerts. Careful though as this feature will require more resources.
3. NEW - FEATURE - APP : Maintenance mode - You can now enable maintenance mode through your settings. During maintenance mode you will NOT receive any notifications nor emails in case of devices going offline or on heartbeat.
4. FIX - FEATURE - NETONIX: Port names are now displayed properly instead of the Port number. Interface chart names too.
5. FIX - FEATURE - NETONIX: Physical temperature values were swapped. Displayed properly now. ( Notice: Not all devices have Phy2 ).
6. FIX - FEATURE - AIRFIBER: Some Airfiber stats were missing from the Airfiber health page.
7. REDESIGN - FEATURE - APP: Menu had a redesign. Some links were left out and some grouped up. You can find functions like "Add User" now inside the users page ( top right of the table).
8. NEW - FEATURE - STATS: RSSI is now displayed were available in the device table lists.
9. FIX - APP: Roles and rights - Fixed a bug where rights were not saved properly to the user. Much more accurate now. Please do revisit the Roles page and edit your user's rights after the update.
10. NEW - FEATURE - APP : Database Maintenance: Check your database for any errors or useless data and fix any issues.
Please run this once after the update.
11. NEW - FEATURE - APP : As we prepare to move on to some SNMP functionality you will find a filed in your Application Settings -> System Information "SNMP". If it's not enabled please do enable it. For any help-issues do not hesitate to contact us.

iWiSp v0.31 RC

New features and Fixes List

1. NEW - FEATURE - TOUGHSWITCH (LIVE VIEW): Still an experimental build for this but you can have a Live view of your Toughswitch. Click the "Live Page" button located next to "Health Info" etc buttons.
2. NEW - FEATURE: Trying to add a device where IP, HTTPS Port and SSH Port already existed resulted in a dead end. You can now choose to delete the old device with those credentials and replace it with the new device. ( After clicking "Test Connection " and getting the result
"You already have a device with the same IP and port." you will also see a new button called "Delete and replace". Click that to replace the old with the new device.
3.NEW - FEATURE - UPDATE: You can now update ( 0.30 version and later ) by extracting the files in your application folder and opening any page in the application.
4. NEW - FEATURE - TOUGHSWITCH: Toughswitch is getting a rework, you can now view a lot more data for the device. From Load Average and Memory charts to Ports Traffic and Throughput ( Same as UBNT devices ) .
5. FIX - APP : Adding an Airfiber-Toughswitch device was not getting the organization resulting in not appearing in the application while the device was added in the database. After this update if you have any devices without organization you will see a table on your dashboard named " No organization devices". Make sure you have the right to edit it and give it an organization then.
6. FIX - APP: Trying to set coordinates on your devices on your dashboard the drop down menu was not populated with all the devices available.

iWiSp v0.3 RC

New features and Fixes List

1. NEW - FEATURE - UBNT & UBNT AC: Now you view Interfaces Traffic Charts in device info page.
2. NEW - FEATURE - UBNT: Firmware Update: The firmware update function is here. You will find a tab next to the Reboot tab on your device. Below you will find a list with the Firmware that you have added to the application and the device supports.
This is a two-step feature, first will download the file to the device and then the actual update. Be sure to keep the page on since this process might take a couple of minutes
3. NEW - FEATURE - APP: Organization Logo: Add your organization a logo.
4. NEW - FEATURE - APP : Devices Backup: You can now backup the devices from your organization and import them later if needed.
* (You will find the Restore Function in the applications Preferences tab, while the Backup Function above your Log out button).
** Attention, no stats for the devices will be backed up nor their relationships with any group that they might have.
5. NEW - FEATURE - Test Email : Test your SMTP settings before saving them to make sure they are correct
6. NEW - FEATURE - APP : System Information: You will find a new tab in your Application Settings called " System Information ". There are info displayed there both for your server and your application such as DB size, Disk size and some extensions that are required.
7. REDESIGN - FEATURE - APP: Permissions: New permissions layout. We believe this is a more clear interface with the permissions grouped up by type and what they're about.
8. NEW - FEATURE - APP: Password Reset: You can now reset your password in case you have forgotten it.
You will find the button on the login page.
* This feature requires that the SMTP settings you have are correct and the application can send an email.
9. NEW - FEATURE - UBNT: Added New Chart in Airmax devices displaying Link AirTime Usage.
10. FIX - APP - Fixed an issue where a user would not inherit a role's permissions if he had no rights himself.
11. FIX - FEATURE - UBNT: Discovery Tool: Devices are now added one at a time. ( All together caused timeout issues and devices not being devices not being added if one failed). Pop up which showcases the number of devices you are trying to add and update on each device attempt.
12. FIX - FEATURE - UI : Notifications: Updated Notifications list table. You can now sort by all columns as well as search in the table.
13. FIX - FEATURE - APP: Role Delete: There was an issue causing the delete button to not always appear.

iWiSp v0.27 Beta

New features and Fixes List

1.NEW - FEATURE - APP: Discovery Tools, Auto Discovery (You can now scan the networks that the server has access to - currently /24 subnet is supported)
2.NEW - FEATURE - APP: Firmware Library (You can now upload and manage your firmwares for UBNT devices) more options will follow. This feature will need 4 new permissions to be activated for your user.
3.NEW - FEATURE - UBNT: Added New Chart in AC devices displaying Link AirTime Usage.
4.NEW - FEATURE - UBNT: Added Connection Time Column ( See device page info).
5.NEW - FEATURE - UBNT: Added in wireless info chart in AC devices the possibility to view TX, RX capacity.
6.FIX - APP: Discovery Tools timeout issue, you can now set your desired timeout (default 1 sec).
7.FIX - Mikrotik: Interface Charts wasnt displayed properly if custom characters were present in the Interface name.
7.FIX - APP - User Permissions: Permissions that are inherited from roles are now displayed as active on the user's edit page. On trying to remove them you will get an alert letting you know where the permission is inherited from.

iWiSp v0.26 Beta

New features and Fixes List

1.NEW - FEATURE: Introducing User Roles , You can create roles and define specific permissions to them and then assign a role to the user. That way apart from the user's currently permissions he will also inherit the role permissions. (SimonK)
*Note: There are now 4 new permissions which are required for the roles funtionality so please go ahead and add them to your desired user. ( View, Add, Edit, Delete )
2.NEW - FEATURE: Edit Organizations info (SimonK)
3.NEW - UI: You can now view users avatar at user list page, as well as in user edit page. (SimonK)
4.NEW - UI: You can now see the last login time of a user at user list page.
5.NEW - UI: You can now see your current application version in the Update Tab.
6.NEW - FEATURE - UBNT: Display LAN neg. speed in Device List tables. (SimonK)
7.NEW - FEATURE - UBNT: Display interference packets in Device List for AirFibers. (SimonK)
8.NEW - FEATURE - UBNT: Display Connected devices list in AP Device Info page.
9.NEW - FEATURE - UBNT: Display connected AP in STA Device Info Page with the option to view short info for that AP and links for further stats & info.
10.NEW - FEATURE - NETONIX: Added the following to Netonix devices in Device List - F/W, CPU, POWER, CPU TEMP.
11.FIX - UBNT: Fixed the counter for Stations connected to AP in Device List.
12.FIX - NETONIX: Fixed an issue with Memory & Power Charts
13:FIX - APP: We have applyed some changes in PING functionality to eliminate issues reported in Forum

iWiSp v0.25 Beta

1.NEW - FEATURE: Added the option for the user to reboot device from within our application (UBNT AirMax & AC for the moment). There is a new permission that you must activate on a user so he can reboot devices.
2.NEW - FEATURE: Device configuration backup (auto backup daily with option to take one manually) (UBNT AirMax & AC for the moment). There are two new permissions that you must give to a user in order for him to be able to View-Download, Create backups.
3.NEW - FEATURE - UBNT: You can now view device's interface status (plugged - unplugged) and negotiation speeds ( See device page info).
4.NEW - FEATURE - UBNT: We created a calendar for each device (currently displays only the configuration backups, more options to come).
5.NEW - UI: Page Title is now displaying the Device's name for easy navigation among browser tabs.
6.NEW - UI: Alerts & popups dialogues are now redesigned to match the overall application design.
7.FIX - Mikrotik: There was an issue with PPPoE bandwidth charts that was reseting the charts on some ocassions.

iWiSp v0.24 Beta

1.NEW - FEATURE: Added the option for user to select distance (meters - Kilometres - Miles)
2.FIX - Health: Fixed an issue with ping function wich was causing problems on health page.
3.FIX - General: Cron error when the application was installed in root html folder.
4.FIX - UI: AC device Frequency wasnt displayed properly.
5.FIX - UI: Mikrotik device average values weren't calculated properly.
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Re: Versions Changelog

Wed Aug 19, 2015 10:27 am

New iWiSp v0.25 Beta is released!

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Re: Versions Changelog

Wed Aug 26, 2015 8:12 am

New iWiSp v0.26 Beta is released!

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Re: Versions Changelog

Mon Aug 31, 2015 10:38 am

New iWiSp v0.27 Beta is released!
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Re: Versions Changelog

Mon Sep 14, 2015 7:54 am

New iWiSp v0.3 RC is released!
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Re: Versions Changelog

Thu Sep 17, 2015 11:43 am

New iWiSp v0.31 RC is released!
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Re: Versions Changelog

Tue Oct 06, 2015 10:51 am

New iWiSp v0.32 RC is released!
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Re: Versions Changelog

Mon Oct 12, 2015 10:38 am

New iWiSp v0.33 RC is released!
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Re: Versions Changelog

Wed Oct 14, 2015 11:21 am

New iWiSp v0.34 RC is released!
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Re: Versions Changelog

Wed Oct 21, 2015 5:53 am

New iWiSp v0.35 RC is released!
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