Daisy Chaining multiple WS-6-MINI recommendations or limits?

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Daisy Chaining multiple WS-6-MINI recommendations or limits?

Sun Oct 10, 2021 1:13 pm

Used your switches before – great product. Was looking at the WS-6-MINI for a particular application where it be useful to use a few in a "series". e.g. mini1 get power from a NPOE-54V-80W, and using the "airFiber port" (port 2) on mini1 to connect to another WS-6-MINI's port 1, and then hopefully repeating that to a 3rd one as well.

I'd imagine this would work for two connected WS-6s (but don't have any to test), but curious if anyone has an experience in using 3 or 4 with the PoE "daisy chained" from a previous WS-6-MINI.

In our case, we likely just need the plain ethernet with no PoE for couple devices at the various [hopefully] daisy chained WS-6-MINIs, and distance likely be <100m between them. Now assuming that possible, would there still be enough power for small Mikrotik/similar AP (like their wAP) at each of the 2 to 4 WS-6-MINI "stops" on the PoE daisy chain?

Basically using "hub-and-spoke" is kinda out, so more looking for "PoE token ring" ;).

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Re: Daisy Chaining multiple WS-6-MINI recommendations or lim

Sun Oct 10, 2021 4:51 pm

Things to keep in mind.

Voltage drop on long cable run. Heavier (23 AWG) CAT6 can help.

Voltage drop on internal diodes on each W6. No way to mitigate except to start with 56V on the first switch.

The 48V (nominal) is the actual voltage input so each switch in the daisy-chain will have progressively less voltage. The 24V however is regulated at each switch.

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