WS-6-MINI + Ubiquiti EP-54V-72W

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WS-6-MINI + Ubiquiti EP-54V-72W

Mon Apr 06, 2020 9:52 pm

So while looking at the info page for the WS-6-MINI, I noted that it specifies that you shouldn't power the unit with 2-pair passive 48V PoE. The EP-54V-72W provides 54V 2-pair passive PoE. I presume that I shouldn't use that output to power the unit, and that I should use the barrel jack instead?

And that aside, does the WS-6-MINI condition the output PoE power to 48V, or does it pass through the 54V? If I read the documentation correctly, I believe that it passes the voltage through, but is able to monitor the current draw.


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Re: WS-6-MINI + Ubiquiti EP-54V-72W

Mon Apr 06, 2020 10:02 pm

You can use 2 pair power only if you keep the wattage load low. The voltage in is the voltage out minus the .7V drop across each diode. There is no conditioning.

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