WS-26-400-IDC for Power without Ethernet

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WS-26-400-IDC for Power without Ethernet

Mon Jun 19, 2017 5:34 am

Can I use the WS-26-400-IDC as a PoE only source (no Ethernet) for wireless backhaul radios like the UniFi AC Mesh? I'm asking about the 26-400-IDC because my supply is telco -48V. I'm fine with the voltage drop, the pairs are 18AWG. I've got pole access and plenty of free copper pairs in some neighbourhoods where it's a long distance between where I've got power and where I need power. Think 500 meters or more between my cabinet and location I want power.
1.) Is this going to work?
2.) What the max distance I can go at 10 watts per port if I don't care about voltage drop?
3.) Do I need to be worried about anything?
4.) Should I add extra lightning protection?
5.) Do I want/need to earth at the far end?


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