Netonix and Edge Router Poe-5 - compare

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Netonix and Edge Router Poe-5 - compare

Sun Sep 04, 2016 12:36 am

Can someone explain to me when building a micro pop why you would want a Netonix Switch, when the Edge Router Poe-5 does switching, routing, and 48 volt POE?

I want to build a backbone similar to what is shown here in this URL. The man explaining this article talks about connecting the Netonix Switch in this setup, but why does he need it? I'm looking for the list of benefits of adding the Netonix Switch to an Edge Router setup. Could someone explain? ... -p/1384535

My Micro Pop is going to only consist of a
Mimosa wireless B5 and a A5

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Re: Netonix and Edge Router Poe-5 - compare

Sun Sep 04, 2016 11:04 am

Well you can power a MIMOSA with 48V even though 48VH is recommended so that's OK

I am not sure if A5 mean airFIBER 5 or AF5X?

If AF5X you can also power it with 48V even though 48VH is recommended.

However if you mean airFIBER 5 then you need 48VH so EdgeRouter will not power it.

If this is an off grid site using solar or wind you can use the WS-8-150-DC or WS-12-250-DC which you can hook directly to batteries and then charge the batteries with solar and wind chargers

Since this seems to be a simple relay point then not sure a router is needed?

But if you plan to put APs here and you are off grid you can power all the radios and an ERX from the Netonix Switch.

It all comes down to what you want to do and need.

No matter what you do remember to do proper grounding

Here are some good posts on grounding:
viewtopic.php?f=17&t=1786&start=30#p13447 ... rue#M31070

I would read the posts but the crib notes:
Always bind tower ground to electrical service ground otherwise ground potential current will travel on your Ethernet cable. - MOST IMPORTANT

Run a dedicated ground cable do not rely of tower as path to ground.

If bringing AC power from more than 35' from tower just bring Hot and Neutral and only use Tower Earth Ground.

Make sure Ethernet cable run to ground is at least 10% longer than dedicated ground path (longer service loops).
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