Edgeswitch powering a WS6-MINI 802.3at?

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Edgeswitch powering a WS6-MINI 802.3at?

Mon Dec 12, 2016 11:36 pm

Can I power a WS6-MINI (POE in) with my edgeswitch set to POE+? I need the wattage to power two 48V Xirrus radios from the WS6-MINI.

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Re: Edgeswitch powering a WS6-MINI 802.3at?

Tue Dec 13, 2016 12:00 am


Besides 802.3.at is only 25 watts and I believe it is only powering 2 pair not 4 pair with the UBNT switch.

The WS-6-MINI needs 48V to 56V power on all 4 pair not 2 pair or you will damage the the WS-6-MINI.

Options to power a WS-6-MINI are:
1) Power if from a WISP Switch using 48VH
2) Power it with an airFIBER 5, airFIBER 24, MIMOSA, or UBNT 80 watt POE brick

You can not power the WS-6-MINI with "active" POE, it requires "passive" POE
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