AF 11X not passing VLAN traffic

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AF 11X not passing VLAN traffic

Sat Jun 17, 2017 8:01 pm

I have posted this on the UBNT forum and I am working with the group in Chicago. But the problem is not resolved so I am trying here to get some more ideas on a possible fix. Or at least some things to try.

I have two AF11 backhauls at different locations, both with problems but different symptoms. I have Netonix switches on both ends running 1.4.7. The switches are powering the antennas.

Situation 1. Running 3.7rc3, 10x modulation with stable wireless link until there is activity on my management VLAN and then the link drops. Activity in this case is specifically upgrading firmware on a AP or Station that is on a management VLAN. The link is passing the other two VLAN IDs traffic just fine.

Situation 2. Running 4.0 Beta 5, 10x modulation with stable link. Only one VLAN ID, but that traffic will not pass across the link. The link stays up, just won't move VLAN traffic. Running 3.7rc3, link drops.

The AF guys took my configs and sup files and duplicated the situation except they used UBNT switches. They could not replicate the problem.

Note that in both cases I had AF5X'es in place working just fine!

Any ideas or suggestions are welcome. Thank You.

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