Unable to calibrate voltage

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Unable to calibrate voltage

Fri Jan 14, 2022 8:03 pm

Hi Guys
I am having a problem on a DC150 with firmware 1.5.8 board rev F

The voltage reading is about 0.3v below the actual input voltage and so I have been trying to calibrate the netonix unit.

When the unit reads 13.5v and says "not calibrated" I click the calibrate button and input 13.8
The unit appears to reload various the status meters and then shows the same incorrect voltage as before.
The status does change to Calibrated though. Until I refresh the page - then it says Not Calibrated.

I have also tried calibrating via the calibrate ssh command and also having no luck, confirming browser zoom set to 100% and trying both firefox and opera browsers.

Does anyone know what could be preventing this from working?

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