New deployments with WS-8-150-DC

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New deployments with WS-8-150-DC

Sat Oct 14, 2017 5:50 pm

We are deploying two new sites, with 4-5 AirMAx radios each (mix of Powerbeam + Rocket AC). Held together by a WS-8-150-DC.


(apologies for the shading and poor angle).

While the content of the cabinet is down to me, I have to give credit to my business partner for the actual layout and assembly (he has a background in mechanical/electrical engineering)... he has done a fantastic job on making this happen! This is not quite finished, but mostly everything is in place.

The batteries are 2x 12V AGM units, 50Ah, which will give us well over 12Hrs run time. The power supply is a Meanwell DRC-100, which provides 24V 2.25A, but also has a "ups function", so it charges the batteries and switches to them if the AC power fails. The bunch of terminals are just to keep things neat and then we will have 3 fuses for the AC circuit (only 2 installed at the time of the photo), battery circuit and circuit to the switch (overkill for sure, but, everything is fused).

The circuit board on the right is a GSM dialler which can make calls and send text messages. This has two inputs and one relay. The first input is going to take an input from the Meanwell which tells us if the AC is "ok". The second input will be used for a door sensor (also not shown at the time of the photo). The relay will be used to break the circuit to the switch so we can do a remote power reset. A text message to the board will break the circuit for 60 seconds. Using the normally closed state of the relay means that if the board dies, we don't go offline.

We have added a 35mm vent top and bottom since the photo was taken, and will upgrade to active cooling if needed in the future. The idea is that we can create a bigger version of this for the WS-12-250-DC switch, with a pair of 75Ah batteries. But we will need the deeper cabinet for that.


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