Netonix residential install

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Netonix residential install

Fri Mar 24, 2017 3:38 pm

Very happy to have found Netonix via @lligetfa and so happy to be rid of those :pissed: ToughSwitches

I am not and probably never will be a WISP, but there is nothing else in the market that comes close to a Netonix.
Back that with the phenomenal support and constant innovation... yeah that's why they are my gold standard and highly recommended to others.

The new house is a bit of a testbed and showcase for a small business I'm spinning up for home security.
Today an Avaya 9620 went in the garage and all I could think was "Damn... so glad to have Netonix switches"

This WS12-250-AC is fibre connected to the core WS-12-250AC.
It has locally connected:
- 6 x UVC G3 cameras, 3 with IR rings attached
- mPort for control of garage door and door sensor monitoring
- mPort that uses a relay to drive a strobe powered by a UBNT brick to tell me someone is in the driveway
- a Raspberry Pi powered by the Netonix that displays CCTV and weather on a wall mounted LCD
- a UAP-AC Lite for general WiFi and the mPower that controls a shop fan either by app or when the temperature gets hi/lo and the garage door cracks to stabilize it
- Avaya 9620 VOIP phone connected to the IP500 V2 in my office

Since this is an unconditioned space the Netonix works very well.
Eventually it will get replaced with a WS-12-250-DC and some Optimas with a MinnKota charger instead of paying stupid money for a rough service UPS.

The 'core' has a myriad of servers and devices in an equipment closet, and is then fibre attached to the WS12-250AC in my office.
There are also two WS-8-150-AC's connected via AGWpro's they power for more remote areas of the house... someday I'll finish running fibre everywhere.





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Re: Netonix residential install

Fri Mar 24, 2017 4:23 pm

Thanks Jake, I appreciate that and the post.

Wish more people posted up pictures.
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