AP-5AC-90-HD Fake or New UBNT product?

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Re: AP-5AC-90-HD Fake or New UBNT product?

Sat Feb 20, 2016 5:11 am

mike99 wrote:But not airprism at all, it's 3X30 degrees sectors on a signle antenna with 3 radios. For beam steering, Cambium annonced the Cambium ePMP 2000 at WISPAPALOOSA. It should be available Q1 of this year but no official informaiton about this.

Beamsteering is what is done by Radwin, too. Their Jet Platform is now upgraded to .ac based chipset. Not quite cheap but well built equipment which works very reliable. We used their 2000C and have some 5000 Gear running. No SW Beta issues like you see with MT and UBNT and much more solid HW-construction. But of course also Wifi-Chipset based so does no wonders at the RF-Side.
We had no single unit failed and never need to reboot due to SW issues. Pricing prohibits to use it for residential usage.

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