LBE-5AC-16-120 'feature'

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LBE-5AC-16-120 'feature'

Sun Oct 23, 2016 8:55 pm

I just put up a new site that I'm running completely separate from the core network because it's a testbed for some stuff, specifically UCRM.

I was setting this site up and getting the homeowner setup. They are on the back face of the LBE about .5km away, so I put a NBE-5AC-19 pair in for a PtP for them. Was setting up the link and by the time I dialed output power down I ended up matching the back-side signal on the LBE (-55). I figured this wouldn't be a great link, catching the ugly backside of the radiation pattern, but why not try.

Well, turns out, I got exactly the same throughput numbers to the NBE and LBE on the tower! I have 2 other links already up so I just slammed the LBE sector with speed tests and there is no difference.

Saved a NBE for a customer install :D

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