Titanium and Rocket AC shielding

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Titanium and Rocket AC shielding

Fri Aug 08, 2014 1:21 pm

Now we all know that in my "opinion" the Rocket Titanium could suffer from thermal issues. Since Ubiquiti has never stated a reason for the high failure rate of the Titanium M5 line one can only speculate.

Recently people have been having issues with Ethernet communications with the new and improved version of Titanium M5 Rockets.

Now we have also noticed that Ubiquiti went an entirely different route with their new Rocket AC line placing the RF Shield inside the plastic chassis with perforated cooling holes but still very close to the board. I am not so sure yet how this will work thermally as I never received a final version of the AC Rocket and my pre-release version did not have this metal shield inside it.

However that aside I want to stress that not all frequencies that I found to be a problem when co-locating radios close together were from "in-band" noise. There was noise from the electronics or "out-of-band" noise that was also a problem in my testing.

In designing our switch and SOHO AP we had a lot of things to consider/over come such as impedance, cross talk, and this out-of-band noise. Now I am just wondering if this was taken into consideration with the Titanium Rocket and the new AC Rocket? In both situations you have a very reflective surface very close to the board? A lot of this noise is LOW power and is easily absorbed or fade quickly. Meaning if it left the board most noise would not make it through even the plastic chassis let alone reach my shield box then bounce off of it and then return again through the plastic chassis in any meaningful strength but in both cases of the Titanium and AC Rockets the reflective surface is close and there is no plastic barrier. Well there are plenty of smarter people at Ubiquiti and I am sure they figured all this out!

Of course at this time it is all speculation. I hope they figure it all out as I am really looking forward to the Rocket AC line.

One curious thing I just noticed though was that the Rocket AC appears to have been removed from the FCC site?
Now it might just be me and I can not find it?

I sure hope this does not effect or delay the Rocket AC on the US market because as I said I am very much looking forward to deploying it soon!!
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